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Welcome to HaiKuSTUDIO – We make games.

Welcome to HaiKu!

As gamers, games they inspire, engage and empower us; as game-makers we have a chance at something wonderful: creating that which may inspire, engage and empower YOU.
That’s what drive us.

This endeavour is our passion, our means and end for expressing ourselves creatively both as a studio and as individuals. We know know you want that unique sense of challenge, the endless fun, the belief. We know this ’cause we are gamers first and foremost. So welcome. Explore, engage, and enjoy – and know that you are a part of this adventure.



YES! The time has finally arrived.

Since HaiKu was founded, one of the core goals has been to create games for consoles & desktop platforms. There is a huge reason behind it; the depth, the length, the intensity of the games we played (and still play) on those systems is, for us, something unique and it appeals to the truest gamer mindset within us.

So well, the project has been now set into motion and we couldn’t be more exited about it! We won’t say much right now (although we’re dying to!) only that it’s a action-adventure single player game which presents a common setting in a completely new way. Rest assured, the time to reveal our new game is nigh >:)

This game is our most ambitious project as of yet, and we’d love to traverse this journey with you. So, we’ll keep you poasted on it’s progress. Cheers!

For now, please bare with us 🙂 Soon enough we’ll be ready to share what’s coming with you. Meanwhile, we’re working our asses off (and loving every second of it) to get this ready for you to see and get excited about.

Oh, and one last thing we *can* tell you about the game: The only transaction we’ll allow is the one where you buy it- no loot crates, no paywalls, no “premium” content, no lootboxes. JUST. THE. FULL. GAME.